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What if you could increase your sales?

Watch your sales transform from great to amazing with my custom coaching!


Dramatically change your results in many areas, including:

  • Finding ideal clients

  • Increasing sales

  • Larger deal sizes

  • Targeted value message

  • Overcoming objections

  • Increasing close rate

  • Making more money in less time

  • Higher profit margins

  • Improving your top KPIs

  • Receiving referrals easily

  • Having more time to enjoy life


What one more sale per month mean to your business? Per week? Per day?

What if you received one more referral per week? What would that mean to you?

If you'll benefit from that, don't wait! Let’s go make it happen NOW!

Successful Work Team

Why Sales Coaching?

We all need fine-tuning from time to time. With individual coaching, you’ll find those few areas where a simple adjustment of the combination will unlock incredible potential and results!


Coaching includes secrets to improve several areas such as how to:

  • Convey clear value of your product to different types of buyers

  • Handle objections such as:

    • I don't have the time

    • I don't have the money

    • Let me think about it

    • I have to ask my partner/manager/board

  • Focus on customer needs

  • Listen for secret clues for the close

  • Get referrals easily from more customers


Sales coaching goes beyond basic sales training.

I’m not going to teach you how to sell; hopefully you already know that.


My coaching will identify specific blind spots and unlock your full potential by leveraging my battle scars, success secrets, and decades of sales experience. I help those with large complex sales cycles, cybersecurity products (Cloud, SaaS, Services & Solutions), and with national or global sales teams. 


Get personalized coaching to maximize your existing talents and take you to the next level in sales! 

Paul Herbka is passionate about helping others have massive business success! He brings his experience as a sales leader and manager at companies like IBM, Kodak Health Imaging, General Dynamics IT and others. He has experience as the National Sales Manager at IBM, sales director and VP of sales, VP of product and a small business owner. He is the best sales coach because he has been in your shoes and helps you achieve your success quicker by leveraging his experience. 
You'll learn valuable lessons from both his successes and failures.

Overcome Sales Challenges:

  • Handling rejection

  • Finding the right contacts/people/prospects

  • Getting qualified leads

  • Zeroing in on profitable customers

  • Overcoming objections such as:

    • I don't have the money​

    • I don't have the time

    • I have to ask my manager/partner

    • I am not sure it is a fit

    • I can't this quarter

  • Moving the deal over the line (Closing)

  • Listening to the customer

  • Articulating the value of the product/service

  • Getting referrals

albert-einstein-1144965__340 - Free.jpg

“Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”


Albert Einstein

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